Ogasawara Oct,31-Nov,10
Ogasawara Oct,31-Nov,10 (DEPOSIT)
Please read through the description before making a reservation

The price is the amount of deposit needed to secure your spot. The full price will have to be paid 30 days before departure.

The Ogasawara Islands, often referred to as the "Galapagos of the East," offer a unique and unparalleled diving experience. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, it boasts an exceptionally rich marine life teeming with vibrant coral reefs and over 1,000 species of marine inhabitants. The azure waters of the islands present numerous well-preserved shipwrecks, allowing divers to delve into history as they navigate through these underwater time capsules. But the true highlights are the frequent encounters with dolphins and the majestic sperm whales.

Traveling to the Ogasawara Islands is indeed a unique experience. There's no airport on the islands, meaning your journey begins with a 24-hour ferry ride from Tokyo. It's important to note that ferry services are not frequent. You'll either need to return almost immediately after arrival on the same ferry or plan for an extended stay of 10 days on the island. Due to the limited ferry schedule, the trip dates are fixed, so it's crucial to ensure you can commit to the entire adventure. While ferry cancellations due to weather are quite rare, be mindful that Mother Nature occasionally has plans of her own, which can cause delays. Navigating these logistics is an essential part of your Ogasawara journey.

Oct-31(11am) - getting on 24h ferry ride to Ogasawara
Nov-1 (11am) - arriving to Ogasawara, checking in, 2 boat dives in the afternoon
Nov-2 - 2 boat dives
Nov-3 - 2 boat dives
Nov-4 - free schedule*
Nov-5 - free schedule*
Nov-6 - free schedule*
Nov-7 - 2 boat dives
Nov-8 - 2 boat dives
Nov-9 - 2 boat dives, then getting on 24h ferry back at 3pm
*free schedule means that we can either do more diving, go on a whale-watching tour, do hiking or any other activities. The details will be decided closer to departure time.

Package: 320,000JPY/person
  • roundtrip ferry tickets (bunk beds)
  • 9 nights on the island (4 persons' rooms)
  • 12 boat dives with a local guide

Additional costs:
  • additional 2 boat dives___________________18,000JPY
  • 3rd boat dive___________________________5,000JPY
  • whale watching tour_____________________ 5,000JPY
  • meals_________________________________TBD

To streamline the planning of this exciting trip, please take note of the following key dates:
Until August 31st: Please sign up and submit your deposit.
Between September 1st and 15th: We'll finalize the trip details. During this phase, we'll confirm optional dives and provide more information on exciting additional programs, such as sightseeing, whale watching, and more.
From September 15th to 30th: Complete your payment for the trip.
On October 31st: The grand adventure to the Ogasawara Islands begins!

If you have specific needs for your Ogasawara adventure, like desiring a private room, an upgrade on the ferry, or wanting to engage in activities other than diving, feel free to reach out to us. While we can't guarantee that we'll be able to fulfill every request, we promise to do our utmost to meet your expectations. Please keep in mind, we can only accept special requests up until August 1st. After this date, we'll be focusing on finalizing the details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for everyone.

If you need rental gear for the trip, please note that the prices below will be charged regardless of how many days you use the gear
Price for full trip
Full rental (wetsuit)_____________________ 22,000JPY
Wetsuit only____________________________ 5,500JPY
BCD____________________________________ 8,250JPY
BCD + Regulator_______________________ 15,000JPY
Mask and/or snorkel___________________ 2,750JPY
Fins and/or boots______________________ 2,750JPY
Dive computer_________________________ 5,500JPY
Dive light_______________________________ 5,500JPY

Given the intricate logistics and reservation conditions associated with the Ogasawara trip, we uphold a stringent cancellation policy:

Free cancellation before August 31st, with a full refund of your deposit.
Cancellations before September 30th will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.
From October 1st to October 10th, cancellations will incur a fee of 20% of the total trip price.
From October 11th to October 15th, the cancellation fee will increase to 50% of the total trip price.
After October 16th, cancellations will necessitate a full 100% trip price fee.

However, these cancellation fees can be waived if you find a replacement participant to take your place on the trip.

For other circumstances, such as trip or dive cancellations due to adverse weather, our standard policy applies. Please ensure you fully understand and accept these terms before confirming your trip.

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