Advanced Scuba Diver Course
Dive deeper, plan better, stay safer
Let's take a deep dive
Elevate your diving skills with the Advanced Open Water course at Tokyo Frogs. Once you've successfully completed the course, you'll become a certified diver with the ability to explore depths of up to 40 meters. But the course isn't just about going deeper - you'll also master a variety of advanced diving skills, such as:
  • Skills to plan and execute various types of dives with your buddy

  • Improved buoyancy control and advanced finning techniques
  • Proficiency in underwater navigation
  • Expertise in search and recovery with various underwater patterns
  • Skills for night and low visibility diving
  • Deep understanding of gas planning and management
  • Confidence to tackle more challenging diving scenarios
Why choose us?
At Tokyo Frogs, we offer courses that stand out from the rest. Our commitment to NAUI's core principles of dive safety through education and the "loved ones" concept sets us apart. We believe in training our students to a level where we can confidently send them diving with our loved ones, knowing they will be in capable hands. All our courses are designed to prioritize your safety and ensure your confidence and comfort underwater.

Our Advanced Open Water course is not just another certification. This course is an in-depth program designed to take your diving skills to the next level. Over the duration of the course, we emphasize and polish your foundational skills, introduce you to new and challenging diving scenarios, and help you master advanced techniques. This comprehensive training aims to create confident divers who are comfortable in various underwater conditions. From planning and executing various types of dives with your buddy to mastering night and low visibility dives, we prepare you for a broad range of diving experiences.

With Tokyo Frogs, you can dive with peace of mind, knowing that you have received comprehensive training and are prepared for any situation that may arise. Choose us as your diving partner, and embark on your scuba diving journey with confidence and safety as our top priorities.
How It Works
Sign up for the course
Contact us using the form below and we will send you available dates and sign up forms
You will get access to e-learning and online tests that you can take at your pace.
Day 1 (open water)
We will conduct 2 day dives and 1 night dive with lectures and practical exercises in between, preparing you for deeper dives, focusing on your buoyancy and skills and gradually building your comfort in water
Day 2 (open water)
We will do 2 more dives, going deeper and continuing working on your comfort and safe diving skills
Prerequisites for taking the course
Valid Open Water Scuba Diver certification (or equivalent)
If you have been out of water for more than 1 year, you will be required to take a refresher course before doing Advanced course
Over 10 years old
Water comfort
If you find regular dives challenging and don't feel comfortable under water yet, we would recommend you to do a few more dives first to have some basic water comfort
No medical contradictions to diving
(if in doubt, consult your physician)

The course is normally done during one weekend, but can also be spread over a few trips. E-learning and 6 dives (covering various skills, scenarios and themes) are required to complete the course.

We do not provide transportation, but we help participants to organize carpool.


40,000 JPY
  • e-learning materials
  • rental gear for 2 days
  • 6 open water dives
  • facility fees
  • instructor fees
  • certification (digital card)

Does not include:
  • transportation
  • accommodation
  • meals

Additional notes
  • If you have foot size over 30cm, height over 190cm or weight over 100kg, you will need to purchase your own wetsuit and/or boots prior to the course as we don't have rentals for the larger sizes
  • If you are wearing glasses, you can use disposable lenses (note that you will definitely get some water in your eyes!) or order a prescription mask - most diving gear shops sell them, but the order might take some time. Check Aqros or Mic21 for details.
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